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Dr. Prasantha Jayawardhana, Compass Australia

Dr. Prasantha Jayawardhana (also known as PJ) is the chairperson for Compass- finances God’s way in Australia. PJ is excited about helping people grow and develop in their knowledge, understanding and application of the Biblical perspective on finances. He is passionate about building a generational board that will guide Compass into the future.

PJ graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with First Class Honors in 1988. He went on to complete a PhD in spatial modelling in 1993. He spent the next 10 years working in the mining industry setting up spatial information systems for mineral exploration and environmental management. In 2003, with God’s help he embarked as a consultant to the mining industry to help train mine staff on the implementation and use of spatial information systems. In 2008 he became a born again Christian and gave his life to Christ. In 2013 he returned home to run the family businesses.

PJ has been happily married to Gwenda since 1995 and they have three teenage children. You can contact PJ and the Australian team at

Ray Borg- Compass Canada

Ray is the National Director of Compass Canada. Ray has always believed that all we own belongs to the Lord, however, personally learning about God’s principles for financial stewardship taught by Howard Dayton has led to a much greater understanding and freedom in the area of finances. Since that time, he desires for or that others to come into the same revelation and freedom. Ray is a firm believer in the importance of encouraging the Body of Christ to be found faithful in the stewardship of their finances and possessions.

Having worked as a social worker for most of his career, Ray has a first hand knowledge of the impact and devastation poor financial management imposes on people’s lives. His life experience includes involvement with church leadership on many levels and having “service on” on several ministry Boards. As a pastor, he has a passion to mentor others and provide advice and counsel. As part of a global team of intercessors over many years, he has traveled internationally to teach on prayer for personal, city and national transformation. Ray is a teacher of the Word who uses his own personal experiences to provide greater insight and application.

Ray is married to Arlene and they reside in Ottawa, the national capital of Canada. He has two adult children: a daughter who is married and a son.

You can learn more at the Compass Canada website

Ken Battles, Compass Urban Outreach

Ken Battles has the spiritual gifts of discipleship, encouragement, and administration. Ken has been teaching God’s perspective of finances, love, and leadership at Antioch MB Church of Oviedo, FL since 2009. Under the leadership of his Pastor Charles Jones, he has built a team at church that serves with excellence. His enthusiasm and willingness to help others are contagious. Ken was ordained as a deacon in 2013 and instrumental in setting up the church “Cyber-Sanctuary” in 2020 for ministry continuity during COVID-19.

As a result of the spiritual nurturing at Antioch and a mentoring and personal relationship with Howard Dayton (Compass Founder and Chairman), Ken accepted a leadership role in the Compass Ministry. Ken feels empowered by the Holy Spirit to create financial disciples through helping individuals and organizations learn and apply God’s word on money and possessions and replicate this in the lives of others. Designing and facilitating Financial Discipleship seminars and workshops is one of his specialities. Although his emphasis is on the African-American community, everyone is welcome.

Ken graduated from Alabama A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 1978. He met his wife Sharon there, and they have been married since 1980.

Ken retired in 2000 from a very successful career with more than thirty-five years of diversified Information Technology experience. His skills and expertise include global service management, process management, process improvement and optimization, project management, IT general controls, IT security, and collaborative leadership. Learn more about Compass Urban.

Jon & Evelyn Bean, Compass Catholic

Jon and Evelyn Bean have been married for over 43 years, and are members of St. Stephen Catholic Community in Winter Springs, FL since 1986, when they first moved to the Orlando area. Since that time they have been very involved in both parish and Diocesan activities. They are Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministers of the Diocese of Orlando.

In 1987, they took a non-denominational Bible Study that taught Biblical financial principles. The results changed their lives as they learned to become stewards of all God’s blessings. Their marriage became stronger, and they began to treat money and possessions as tools rather than items signifying success and importance.

They each spent over 30 years in successful careers with major corporations. They are now full time volunteers in Compass Catholic Ministries, a 501c3 organization they founded in 2010. They are passionate about teaching Biblical stewardship and helping others to understand that a stewardship way of life can fulfill the unique purpose God has for each one. Learn more about Compass Catholic Ministries.