Help Others Grow

Help Others Grow

While responsible stewardship of God’s resources is an essential step in our walk with Christ, Jesus makes it clear that it takes more to be His disciple.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 tells us we must then, “Go and make disciples… teaching them to obey all that [He] has commanded.”

While “making disciples” can seem intimidating and beyond your skills and training, Jesus has equipped you to do it and promises, “He will be with you always.”

Make Disciples

A disciple of Jesus is someone who learns, applies, and multiplies what Jesus teaches. Discipleship helps develop a deep mentor/mentee relationship, allowing the next generation to learn, apply, and multiply what you’ve learned in your journey.

These tools will help provide some structure as you help others grow on their financial discipleship journey.


A quick and simple method for helping others learn and apply what the Bible says about money.

One More

An established method to help disciples make disciples (who make disciples…).

In Your Church

An proven process to transform your church’s relationship with Jesus, money, and possessions.

Lead Studies

Leading a Compass Financial Discipleship Study is a great way to help others learn and apply God’s word.

Our studies are highly interactive, including prayer, reading, activities, reflection, and response sections making them great for one-on-one, in a group of three or four, or in larger groups of up to twelve people. 

LEader Tools

Looking for tools and resources to help you lead your Financial Discipleship Study?

You’ve come to the right place!!!

Connect With Compass

Do you know you want to make financial disciples but aren’t quite sure where to start? 

Connect with our team and we’ll be happy to help!


Compass – finances God’s way is a global non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to teaching people what the Bible says about money and possessions, how to apply it, and how to replicate it in the lives of others.

With your gift, you are helping people walk closer with Christ, experience the freedom to serve Him, and to help fund the Great Commission.