Kyle and Danielle Hasbrouck

Kyle & Danielle

We went through the financial small group study by Howard Dayton (now the 9 week Navigating Your Finances God’s way) in 2001 that significantly impacted our lives. First, it made us realize God’s ownership of everything and resulted in a more intimate relationship with Him. The freedom we experienced was amazing! Financially, we wanted to dramatically increase our giving and set a 5-year goal to pay off the house we had just purchased. With God’s help we did both…gave generously and saw the house paid off in 4 years and 3 months! The last 17 years, the Lord has allowed us to increase our giving every year, even when we transitioned to another ministry and did not receive a salary for 7 months. Although this was challenging, finances didn’t dictate God’s calling on our lives. We had the privilege to adopt two beautiful and amazing kids, purchased a new home for our growing family (with cash!) and been able to host others with need in our community for weeks or months at a time. Can’t imagine what life would look like if we had not learned Gods financial principles in the Compass study! –Kyle & Danielle