Maverick andJuLee

Maverick and JuLee

As a Quality Engineer, I made a very good salary which allowed JuLee to be a stay-at-home Mom. With a small house, one car, and “manageable” debt we felt we were doing everything right. Then, through one of the Compass studies, we learned what the Bible said about finances and started applying the principles right away. We had some ups and downs but God was so faithful providing a way to be debt-free, including the home mortgage in only eight years! God has truly blessed us as we sought to obey His words; all of them, especially those dealing with finances. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity share with many others God’s financial principles, including our kids. Now as adults they have no other debt beyond their home mortgage. We’re so grateful for Compass and the impact it’s had on our family’s legacy. -Maverick & JuLee