What other ministry leaders are saying…

Gunnar Johnson

Gunnar Johnson, Executive Pastor at Gateway Church

“ In 1999 as a young business owner, my entire world changed as I learned what the Word of God said on money through a financial Bible study written by Howard Dayton. I began giving, getting out of debt, saving and living for Jesus and not for my own selfish desires. Fast forward many years and I now serve as an Executive Pastor at Gateway Church in the Dallas – Ft. Worth of Texas. We have discipled thousands of families of all income levels to apply Biblical truths to their finances. We strongly endorse Compass and find their resources to be top notch tools to further spiritual development as well as the daily financial applications of those timeless Biblical principles. ”

Doug Rutt-CFC

Doug Rutt, Pastor at  Christian Family Chapel- Jacksonville, FL

“Here at Christian Family Chapel, we are radically committed to growing fully devoted Spirit empowered Christ followers and recognize that one of the greatest barriers to our people being fully devoted to Christ is the grip that money can have on the human heart.  As Compass-finances God’s way provides Biblical teaching on finances at CFC, our people are not only equipped to handle money wisely, more importantly, they are freed up to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.”

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Charles Jones, Senior Pastor at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church – Oviedo, FL.

“I am forever grateful that our Lord led this ministry to include this class for our membership. This class has revolutionized the thought life of many of our members who were never exposed to sound biblical teaching on the matters of finance.

I took the small group study during its early stage and realized this was something that needed to be offered to our membership. Today we are still reaping the benefits of obeying God in implementing this class in our Antioch family.”

Matt-Bell_avatarMatt Bell, Sound Mind Investing’s Associate Editor

“The Set Your House in Order Study prompts you to tackle an exhausting list of tasks, but since it’s grounded in scripture, bathed in prayer, and focused on the benefits for your loved ones, it quickly becomes clear that the tasks are actually acts of good stewardship and love. That provides all the needed motivation. The study prompted me to take several steps, such as increasing our life insurance and putting all of our financial documents in one place. It’s also led to more conversations about our finances.

Participating in the study has left me feeling much better about how organized our finances are. If you need some help in this area, I highly recommend this small group study.”