Once and For All Decisions – M & M App

Once and For All Decisions – M & M App

There is a principle of communication that can be enormously helpful that I refer to as the once and for all decisions. These are decisions based on the Bible that a couple can agree upon that do not change no-matter-what! They simplify communication and decision making.

Let me give several examples of once and for all decisions couples have agreed upon:

We are committed to remain married to each other our entire lives. We will never consider divorce or even mention it as a possibility even if we are having a heated argument.

By God’s grace, we will become debt free and never go into one penny of debt.We will buy reliable used cars and drive them “until the wheels come off.”

We will be generous givers.

We will pray with each other daily.

We will be honest with each other.

We will have a weekly money date.

At the end of each lesson, I want you and your spouse to agree upon at least one key once and for all decision, that you will share with your group in the Homework at the next meeting. These decisions will benefit you the rest of your lives.