There’s Never Been A More Important Time To Know How To Invest Well

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Multiply Investment StudyLonger lifespans and the disappearance of traditional pensions means it’s largely up to you to build a nest egg that’ll help provide for your family for 20 or more years in retirement.

That may sound intimidating, but this Multiply study will help you meet the challenge. With video-based instruction, group discussion, and individual activities, you’ll learn how to take a portion of your income and grow it to help provide for your family’s future financial needs.

If you complete all of the steps in this study, you will end up with a written investment plan tailored to your unique circumstances and goals, and informed by your faith. And you’ll be equipped to implement that plan with a trustworthy investment process.


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This Discussion Guide is designed to be used along with the Multiply Video

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This Video is designed to be used along with the Multiply Discussion Guide.

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Here’s a preview of what you will learn from each session in the Multiply Study.

Session 1:
Who Needs the Stock Market?
Stock market investing is one of the best ways to build the wealth you’ll need to provide for your family long term. This session teaches you three keys to make the most of the opportunity.

Session 2:
Managing Risk
The market’s long-term returns have been impressive, but there are dangers to navigate along the way. This session shows you how to manage four of the biggest investment risks.

Session 3:
The Least Taxing Way to Invest
IRA, 401(k), Roth—you’ve heard of these tools, but do you know how to utilize them for maximum advantage? This session walks you through two decisions to invest in the most tax-advantaged way.

Session 4:
Putting it All Together
This session shows you how to develop an investment plan tailored to your unique situation and goals, while also teaching you a trustworthy process for choosing specific investments.