Online Small Groups Studies

Online Small Groups Studies

The Online Small Group Study is designed to give you the incredible, life transforming experience of a small group from the convenience of your own device.

The content and tools of these studies are the same as those in our traditional studies, with the added flexibility of being in an online environment. You may choose to use the Compass eBooks or our printed materials, both will work equally well.

All you need is a high speed internet connection, a webcam (or built-in camera), and your favorite device to meet in a virtual room.

There is no charge to use the system beyond the cost of study materials.

Interpretation Services are Available at No Charge

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*includes audio and video setup

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Pre-registration Required

Facilitators will keep the meeting on time and on topic as you hear and share what the Lord is teaching your group about His way of handling finances.

We do not charge for the use of the Online Study system. There is a small charge for the workbooks but once you purchase a workbook you may attend or facilitate as many small groups as you like.

The studies meet once each week as follows:

Building – 6 weeks

Navigate Video Series – 6 weeks

Money and Marriage – 6 weeks

Money and Marriage Video Series – 6 weeks

Set Your House in Order – 5 weeks

Business God’s Way – 6 weeks

We are looking forward to meeting you online soon.

All times are Eastern (New York) time zone