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February 21, 2012 Money Wise

Compass Money Map / Destination 4 – Howard Dayton and Steve Moore continue leading you along the journey to True Financial Freedom with a review of the first three destinations and an in-depth look at Destination 4 – saving for a home, retirement, children’s education and other major expenses.

Next, they tackle questions from listeners (800-525-7000 or

  • My employer no longer matches 401(k) contributions – what adjustments should I make?
  • I’ve recently lost my husband – how do I invest my savings? (Howard recommends the website,
  • Are there advantages to a 15-yr mortgage vs just paying extra on a 30-yr mortgage?
  • My husband has had a recent gambling problem – should I handle the family finances?
  • What are ”T-bills’?

Today’s resources include the free Compass Money Map (found in the Resources section of our website) and Howard’s book, “Your Money Map” (also available on audio CD). In the closing of the program, Steve recommends that college students check out the Compass Collegiate Small Group Study. Thanks for your prayers and generous financial support which allow us to keep Money Wise on-the-air!

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