Give, Save, and Spend College Curriculum - Instructor's Edition eBook


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This accredited collegiate course teaches college students God’s perspective on managing money and possessions. It can be taught in a variety of settings, can be a 1-3 credit course and is designed for flexibility to meet the unique needs of each college or university.

It includes the following: Instructor’s Guide, Instructor Class Overview Worksheet, Sample Final Exam, Sample Syllabus, Contrast Society & Scripture Worksheet, Additional Financial Scripture References, and 14 In-Class PowerPoint Presentations.

The course be conducted in a classroom setting or online. It can be taught as a credited course (1-3 credit hours) or as a pass/ fail. The course is designed for flexibility. This curriculum has been developed from the works of Howard Dayton, by Dr. Daniel Lewis of Asbury College and Kyle Hasbrouck of Compass- finances God’s way. A special thanks to the River Foundation for providing the funding to develop the Give, Save and Spend Collegiate Curriculum.

The Compass eBooks are not downloads. They are interactive electronic workbooks. You will need an internet connection to use them.