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Building Your Finances God’s Way

Get ready to have your life, your finances, and your relationship with the Lord taken to another level.

Throughout the six chapters of this financial discipleship study, you’ll learn what the God of the universe has to say about money and possessions, how you can practically apply these words to your life, and how you can grow in leaps and bounds on your financial discipleship journey.

This study can be conducted one-on-one, in a group of three or four, or in larger groups of up to twelve people.


Credit Counseling

ClearPoint has been providing free budget, debt and housing advice to cash-strapped consumers for over 40 years. Their certified credit counselors will work with you one on one to create a personalized action plan designed to help you get your financial life back on track.

Credit Reports allows you to request a free credit file disclosure, commonly called a credit report, once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

At Credit Karma, you can get a truly free credit score with no hidden costs or obligations. That’s right, no credit card is required and there are no strings attached. Return as often as you like and use their services to track your credit file and stay informed.

Debt Repayment Tools

Access the Compass- Calculators. Each calculator includes save-friendly (and printable) graphs, charts and timetables to help keep you on track. These calculators will help you formulate a plan to:

Snowball your debt

Pay off your car

Pay off your home


Thousands of believers around the world have been touched by the Journey of Generosity, a 24-hour retreat offered by Generous Giving (in the US and Canada) and Generosity Path (in the rest of the world). By God’s example, He teaches you to give, setting a standard for unconditional love and sacrificial giving. His desire is that you will learn the joy and fullness of life that come from giving with all your heart. Generosity is more than a message; it is a critical part of God’s plan for you. Embracing a life of generous living enables you to grow more intimately in your relationship with Him. The Journey of Generosity is most impactful for Christians who have “extra,” those whom God has entrusted with much. To learn more about hosting a Journey of Generosity in the US or Canada, visit To host a Journey of Generosity elsewhere in the world, visit

Brian Kluth– Author, Keynote Speaker and Media Expert on Generosity

Brian Kluth served as the Senior Pastor at the First Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs from 1999-2009.  In the fall of 2009 the church commissioned Brian to a newly created full-time staff position as a GENEROSITY MINISTER-AT-LARGE to the body of Christ.  This new role allows Brian to serve throughout the USA and around the globe through writing, guest preaching and seminars at churches, conference/seminar speaking, and the development of video and online training and generosity resources. You can access Brian’s by visiting his website at

National Christian Foundation (NCF) is the largest Christian grant-making foundation in the world. Our innovative, tax-smart solutions help you simplify your giving, multiply your impact, and glorify God. Since 1982, we have received $5.5 billion in contributions and made over $3.7 billion in grants to thousands of churches, ministries, and non-profits. Connect with us at


Kingdom Advisors is a community of Christian financial professionals integrating faith and practice for Kingdom impact. They exist for advisors who desire to: -Realize purpose and fulfillment in the workplace. -Offer meaningful, eternally focused counsel to clients. -Join with like-minded advisors for encouragement, support and best practice. -Have a positive impact on the financial paradigms in our culture.

Investment Apps

The Bloomberg App offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis, and more. You are also able to create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.


A profound need in the body of Christ today is the ability to find a financial professional who shares a biblical
perspective on stewardship. Kingdom Advisors has put together a list of questions you can ask these different types of advisors to insure they are operating out of a biblical worldview.


The Simple Dollar has a list of 100 practical tips for saving money and funding your emergency account. Each of these tactics are simple little moves you can make to save significant money, especially over the long haul, and when combined together these tips can save you a lot of money now.

You can save almost $1,400 this year with the 52-week money challenge. The first week you start, you will deposit $1; the second week, $2; and so on and so on. By the end of 52 weeks, you will have saved close to $1,400.

Are your healthcare costs too high? You may be able to save with Christian Healthcare Ministries. Founded in 1981, Christian Healthcare Ministries is the original health care sharing ministry for Christians. It is a nonprofit, voluntary cost-sharing ministry through which participating Christians meet each other’s medical bills. In the last 20 years, members have shared more than $1 billion in medical bills., provides free rate information to help you save on more than 300 financial products, including mortgages, credit cards, CD’s, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, checking and ATM fees, online banking fees and more.

Coupons & Savings

Money Strands suggests the 5 best sites to access printable coupons online. These websites allow you to browse their database of coupons, check the coupons you want and print them all at once.

For people who want to have savings on-demand, check out App Advice to see the latest and greatest money saving apps!

Search the bible

The Bible Search tool allows you to search for verses, chapters, topics and more. There are 74 languages you can choose from with 116 different versions of the Bible. This is a great way to learn more about verses that deal with money, finances and possessions.

spending plans/budgets

If you’re getting ready to use a Spending Plan, it’s important to record your income and spending for 30 days to understand what you are actually earning and spending.

We recommend that you carry something with you to record your transactions. As an alternative, save your receipts and enter them into the 30 Day Tracking form daily. It’s designed with one column for income and 12 columns for spending categories. The tracking tool is also electronic so it can be filled out digitally and calculate your income and expenses for you.

Income: Every time you receive income, record the amount on the 30 Day Tracking form in the Income column under the date you receive it.

Spending: Each time you spend, record the amount under the appropriate spending category.

Spending Categories: The detailed list of spending categories are designed to assist you as you decide where to categorize your purchases.

Compass Budget

Do you know how your great grandparents kept a budget before people used checks, credit and debit cards and online banking? Simple! They used the cash-in-the-envelope system. They labeled envelopes for various spending categories and at the beginning of the month put a budgeted amount of cash in each envelope. And, for example, when the “clothes” envelope was empty, they didn’t spend anymore on clothes that month. It was simple and effective. You’ll use a similar system with the Compass Spending Plan!

Online Budgets lets you see all your balances and transactions together, on the web or your phone. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you can finally get the entire picture. Mint automatically updates your information every night and categorizes everything for you. Mint has more than 4 million users who know their information is always secure. That’s because Mint uses 128-bit SSL encryption–the same security that banks use–and all data is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Manage your personal finances in real time and on-the-go with  free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Check your accounts, track budgets, and edit info right in the apps. The fees that banks pay Mint for introducing new customers allow them to keep the service free for users.
Not a fan of budgeting technology? Experience the tried and true method of the Envelope Cash System. Click here to learn all about it.