Set Your House in Order

Set Your House In Order

Whatever season of life you are in, the Set Your House in Order study is a MUST for your financial discipleship journey.

The six-section financial discipleship study teaches about organizing important documents for your loved ones, getting life insurance, a will, generosity, advisors to consider (accountant, financial advisor, attorney, insurance agent, etc.), powers of attorney, and much more.

The study has a flexible format to work with virtually any schedule or time frame and can be conducted one-on-one, in a group of three or four, or in larger groups of up to twelve people.

Topics Include:

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Advisors & Counsel
  • Dealing With Challenges
  • Future Income
  • Investments & Insurance
  • Health Care Decisions
  • Estate Planning
  • Leaving a Legacy and more!

Features of the Study:

  • The Financial Discipleship App – utilizes an interactive prayer tool for your group.
  • The Modified Inductive Study Method – provides a rich and deep Bible study experience.
  • The Set Your House in Order Videos – videos that show the importance of Setting Your House in Order God’s way.
  • Online financial tools – including digital worksheets and calculators.
  • Digital Workbook – an instant, multi-device, and integrated workbook experience.
  • Traditional hardcopy tools – for those that prefer paper and pencil.