Spending Trackers

Spending Trackers

The 30-Day Tracking Tool

If you’re getting ready to use a Spending Plan, it’s important to record your income and spending for 30 days to understand what you are actually earning and spending.

We recommend that you carry something with you to record your transactions. As an alternative save your receipts and enter them into the 30-Day Tracking form daily. It’s designed with one column for income and 12 columns for spending categories. The tracking tool is also electronic so it can be filled out digitally and calculate your income and expenses for you.

  • Income: Every time you receive income, record the amount on the 30 Day Tracking form in the Income column under the date you receive it.
  • Spending: Each time you spend, record the amount under the appropriate spending category.
  • Spending Categories: The detailed list of spending categories are designed to assist you as you decide where to categorize your purchases.

The Compass Budget

Do you know how your great grandparents kept a budget before people used checks, credit/ debit cards and online banking? Simple! They used the cash-in-the-envelope system. They labeled envelopes for various spending categories and at the beginning of the month put a budgeted amount of cash in each envelope. And, for example, when the “clothes” envelope was empty, they didn’t spend any more on clothes that month. It was simple and effective. You’ll use a similar system with the Compass Spending Plan!

Budgeting Apps

To find the latest and greatest budgeting apps, check out App Advice and find a budgeting tool that works for you.


The envelope Budgeting System

Not a fan of budgeting technology? Experience the tried and true method of the Envelope Cash System. Click here to learn all about it.