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Just One More

Dear Friends,

Where did the time go? Is it really the last day of 2012? They are right . . . the older you become, the faster the years end!

Thinking back over 2012, one of the most fulfilling things the Lord had me participate in was a new effort our staff at Compass named “Just One More.”

Its name was adopted from the final scene of the powerful movie, Schindler’s List. The main character, Oscar Schindler ransoms 1,100 Jews who were to be exterminated in the Nazi death camps. As the end of WWII is announced, he is overcome with grief that he could have sold his gold lapel pin for enough to ransom one more person destined for a death camp . . . just one more.

So, each of our team prayed for The Lord to bring to mind at least one person they could mentor for the year. A person who was clearly called to serve in this area of teaching people to handle money God’s way, and would make a commitment to mentor at least one a year for the rest of their lives.

Our Lord was very good to me by bringing two outstanding men, Doug Allen and Ken Battles, as my “Just One Mores.” Doug is a 36 year old Physical Therapist and Ken is an extraordinarily capable tech guy who heads up Compass at Continue reading Just One More

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Christmas Retail Sales

The anchor on the evening news opened with a cheery, “Happy Holidays!” . . . . whatever happened to Merry Christmas?

Then his expression completely changed to one of deep concern, discouragement, and even distress. Was he going to report on a natural disaster, or did someone die, or did another one of the Kardashians get divorced?

No, he went on to explain that Christmas retail sales were down! The expected 2.5 percent increase in sales turned out to be only a .5 percent increase. Retailers and politicians were wringing their hands. What was the cause of this major catastrophe? The fiscal cliff? Unrest in the Mid-east? What could have been so devastating that Continue reading Christmas Retail Sales