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Andres Panasiuk – Compass Latino


Did you know that there are now more than 50 million Latinos living in the United States? The Hispanic population is growing exponentially because of high birth rate and immigration.

This rapid growth is no surprise to the Lord, and He has graciously raised up Dr. Andres Panasiuk to serve this community that is extraordinarily important to our future. Andres is the Director of Compass Latino that serves the Hispanics in Latin America and the United States.

I’d like to tell you a little about Andres in case you know of some churches or individuals that Compass Latino could serve.

I’ve been blessed to serve with Andres for more than a decade. I like to call him the Larry Burkett of the Latino community because of his massive impact in helping so many learn God’s way of handling money.

Dr. Panasiuk is from Argentina, and he graduated from the Moody Bible Institute. He’s a prolific author who has written a half-dozen best-selling books and small group studies. He is a phenomenal communicator, and his radio and television programs are viewed by millions of Latinos.

Because Andres is a former pastor, he has focused on developing what we call “come and see” churches as influential models of teaching what God says about handling money and operating businesses. He his wife Rochelle reside in Morelia, Mexico, and travel to the U.S. often.

To learn more or if you have an interest in helping to fund this vibrant work, visit


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Dear Friends,

I thought I’d made it through the flu season without even so much as a sniffle, and then . . . last week got a nasty bug. And with the bug came the unexpected—laryngitis! I still have it!

This week I missed recording our MoneyWise radio program and will miss speaking in Mexico at a Compass conference led by our Latin American Director, Andres Panasiuk. Around the home it’s much quieter with me speaking to Bev in a faint whisper and using sign language. I think she’s enjoying this. 🙂

Despite these inconveniences and not just being able to pick up the phone and call a friend, the Lord is using this for good. It has forced me to be quiet. Today, I am finally began to Continue reading Laryngitis