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Show me the money!

Gambling! It’s all about the money.

A couple of years ago I watched an interview of the governor of Pennsylvania who was leading the charge in getting casino gambling legalized in his state. When the interviewer pressed him on why he would risk so many of his citizens become addicted to gambling, he argued, “If we don’t provide it here, they will travel to another state, and the Pennsylvania state budget will lose more than a billion dollars of gambling income.”

Forget the fact that proximity to a casino dramatically increases the number of pathologically addicted gamblers.

Forget the lives and families that are ruined. The divorces. The children who don’t have a mom and dad in the home. The financial cost to the individuals who squander their paychecks instead of buying groceries. The worker who invades his 401k retirement funds and becomes totally dependent on the government when he no longer is able to work. It’s all about the money.

Let’s tell it the way it is! Far too often governments hungry for revenue have sacrificed the welfare of their citizens by colluding with gambling interests. Slick marketing that never reveals the pain and hurt.

Sophisticated techniques used by casinos to hook unsuspecting gamblers.

For example, there is a new breed of what used to be called slot machines or three-armed bandits. There are now about 850,000 of these new-breed machines that are high tech and literally captivate people. These machines are programmed to say “You won” after every bet. Forget that the bet cost you $1.00 and the machine says you “won” $.45 cents – you really LOST $.55!

God’s people should stand against this tsunami of gambling that has swept our nation. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of people to take away the desire to bet. I believe that we should individually make the commitment to never gamble even one penny. We should not risk becoming addicted to gambling nor should we support an industry that destroys so many people.

Warmly in Christ,

Howard Dayton