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Vote For America


The most contentious campaign in our lifetime for the office of president is thankfully drawing to a close. Now is the time for “we the people” to vote for those who will lead our local, state and national governments.


I want to challenge you as strongly as I know how – to vote! In our nation, we have the amazing privilege of voting. Countless men and women have sacrificed everything, including their lives, to leave us the legacy of freedom and the right to choose our elected officials.


It is especially important for followers of Christ to vote and be prayerful and careful in our selection of who we support when we cast our ballots. Each of us should guard against being unduly influenced by the media and negative ads trashing candidates. Instead, we should focus on some basic filters through which we can evaluate those running.


For my wife, Bev, and me, our first filter is this: Is the candidate committed to protecting the most vulnerable and helpless among us – the unborn? If the answer is no, we will not vote for them. Part of the reason we are so passionate about this as our first filter, is that we adopted both of our children as newborn babies, and three of our four grandchildren were also adopted as babies. We cannot imagine life without them and are so grateful that our children love Jesus and follow Him. God is all about life!


So please, VOTE! And please establish your own filter through which to evaluate the candidates.


Warmly in Christ,


Howard Dayton

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July 4th!

Dear Friends,

July 4th!

Whenever we celebrate Independence Day, I always think of two close friends who gave their lives to helping Americans remain free.

Bob Crosby was my “big brother” during College. He was the upper classman who invested time and money in showing me (a totally clueless freshman) the ropes and helping me not make too many bone headed decisions. He died in Vietnam the year before I was stationed there. It’s impossible for me to say the pledge of allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner without tearing up and thinking about Bob and his sacrifice.

The other friend, was a friend to many of you: Larry Burkett. Fittingly, Larry passed away on July 4, 2003. Larry gave his life to helping God’s people be freed from the slavery of debt, and becoming free to serve Jesus Christ. Larry understood that “The borrower is slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7), and he was passionate about helping God’s people. In 2000, I was so honored when Larry approached me about the possibility of merging our two ministries into what became Crown Financial Ministries. I miss him terribly, but look forward eagerly to the time we’ll see him once again—in heaven—forever!

As you enjoy time today with family and friends, I hope you can carve some moments to reflect on the most sacrificial gift of all time—the one of Jesus Christ. The sinless Son of God taking our sins upon himself so that we could be completely reconciled to God, and enjoy eternal life. Remember, life is short and eternity is long, and what we do for Christ during our time on earth will last forever.

Love in Christ,



Howard Dayton is the Founder and CEO, Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Howard, please click HERE.