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Update: European Conference

Dear Friends,

Many of you prayed for the trip to Germany and my participation in the Europartners conference in Berlin; THANK YOU! The trip was memorable and the conference could not have gone better.

First the trip: We sat waiting on the tarmac in Atlanta for about 30 minutes while the mechanics were replace something and some of the passengers on the flight were becoming restless and starting grumbling. And then it struck me: 100 years ago, a trip to Berlin would have taken weeks by boat and then train. 200 years ago, the same trip would have been extraordinarily dangerous taking months by a wind-powered ship and then horses.

Our flight was scheduled to take about 8 hours . . . and some passengers were complaining about a 30 minute delay!! Two hundred years ago, after 8 hours on their trip, the passengers would probably still be seeing the land of America.

It is easy to take for granted the advances in travel and communication–Skyped almost everyday with Bev to stay connected with my dear wife. Imagine, for no cost I was Continue reading Update: European Conference

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European Conference

I need your prayers!

On Monday, February 11, I will be traveling to Germany to meet the European Compass team for the first time. Under the very able leadership of Peter Briscoe of Holland, about 25 world-class country leaders will be assembling from England, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

We will then participate in the Europartners Conference exposing Christian business people throughout Europe to Compass. I will be joined by Bruce Witt and Kyle Hasbrouck on the trip, and we will return on the 18th.

I strongly sense that the Lord is up to something very, very special in this part of the world. A couple of Sundays ago I was praying over a map for each of the European countries, and unexpectedly began weeping. I was overcome by a sense of urgency to Continue reading European Conference