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This Too Shall Pass

Dear Friends,

“This too shall pass”. . . lessons learned by a kidney stone survivor.

I shared earlier the beginning of my adventure with kidney stones. On Thanksgiving, just before the turkey dinner, I found myself doubled over with abdominal pain. My wife, Bev, and daughter, Danielle, quickly drove me to the St. Augustine Hospital ER where they discovered I was the proud possessor of an 8 x 4mm kidney stone—one that was too large to pass. Oh, joy!

Next Monday, I was scheduled for a procedure to break up the stones into smaller fragments, which with the help of a stent would be able to pass. The doctors kindly prescribed lots of pain medication and for the following 15 days, I passed lots of stone fragments and took a lot of the pain killers. The doctor then removed the stent and told me there was one remaining 3mm stone left. My sister kept emailing me asking if I was still “stoned”!

I was not able to do much at all for almost a month other than rest and reflect. So, here are some of the big lessons the Continue reading This Too Shall Pass