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Christmas & Bev Update

Dear Friends,

I hope that Christmas was a very special time for you.

It was for us. Bev’s bone cancer is a consistent reminder of something we should all be aware of each day: Life is short, eternity is long, and what we do during this brief time on planet earth has eternal consequences. I light of this reality, what are we doing each day that is really going to matter a couple of million years from now?

Time with family and friends over Christmas is a great investment of time to encourage one another to remember what Christmas is all about. The day the Son of God came to earth as a baby boy to sacrificially die for us so that we will be with Him and all those who know Jesus Christ – forever.

For us, the most precious time during the Christmas holiday was when we were exchanging gifts and our 4-year old granddaughter opened her presents. She was super excited and Continue reading Christmas & Bev Update