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Back from India

I had the time of my life in India! For those of you who prayed for the trip—thank you! It could not have gone better.

I traveled with Compass’ Global Managing Director, Dave Rae, a veteran of 12 trips to India.  He gave me lots of hints on how to survive and thrive on the trip: from the 22 hour plane ride; to only using bottled water to brush my teeth; to closing my eyes when we were traveling in heavy traffic piloted by drivers who could easily compete at the Indy 500.

The highlight of the trip was spending time with the Compass India Director (prefer not to use his name to protect him from persecution) and the stunning team around him. The Director is a world-class leader—godly, humble and sharp as a tack! His board and the staff are equally as impressive.

Dave told me that we’d be used to the maximum and we were. In ten days we traveled to five major cities with populations ranging from 10 to 33 million people. We presented the Money and Marriage God’s way seminar 4 times, spoke to business groups and school children and spent lots of time with the Compass India team. They were using us to help them roll out the English version of the Money and Marriage God’s way and the Hindi version of Navigating Your Finances God’s Way small group studies.

Howard presenting with translator
Howard presenting with translator

The receptivity of the people was overwhelming. For example, I met a couple (both are architects) that had just become completely debt free. Three years ago they had 8 credit cards at interest of 42-48%! Think about that! All their disposal income was going to pay for the interest! You should have seen the smiles on their faces J

One of our seminars was held in Calcutta two blocks from Mother Teresa’s home. The Compass India Director knew her well and often used to talk with her. On the way to see her home, we passed a 1½ year old baby girl sitting on a dirty little rug all by herself on the busy sidewalk. The Director said, “This is very common. The parents both work and they just leave the child alone until they finish their jobs.” I cannot get the picture of that sweet vulnerable child completely alone.

This is the time for India and her 1.3 billion people—one out of every six people on the planet live there. God is moving and many are coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord. Please join us in praying for this great country. For a revival and for the Lord to be free to use Compass to the maximum for His purposes and glory. Other than prayer, the biggest need for Compass India is to receive funding to translate the Compass materials into more languages—there are 22 major languages. Please pray for them when the Lord brings them to mind. Thank you!

Love in Christ Jesus,
Howard Dayton


Howard Dayton is the Founder and CEO, Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Howard, please click HERE.

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Marriage, Storms & Studies

Dear Friends,

Marriage: Had the honor of marrying my sixth couple, Kyle and Jennifer Furano, and was totally impressed by their love for one another and their love for Christ. Not surprisingly, the minister was the most nervous . . . . but I looked good in a sharp looking robe. lol!

The Unexpected Storm: My 6 am Tuesday morning walk started like any other, but about half way I noticed some ominous looking dark clouds moving rapidly toward me. About 10 minutes from home buckets of rain poured down . . . then incredible lightening strikes! My prayer life was off the charts! All I could do was to cry out to Jesus to protect me as I thought I could feel the heat of the bolts landing close to me. I darted into a neighbor’s sheltered entrance and then it struck me . . . no, not the lightening. But a fresh realization of just how powerful God is.

The flashes of light followed by the deafening thunder are created and controlled by Christ alone. “He [the Lord] makes lightening for the rain” (Jeremiah 10:13). Our Lord is so powerful. Nothing is too difficult for Him. Then it dawned on me that one of my biggest challenges is not consistently remembering that God has responsibilities and we have responsibilities. When it comes to my serving at Compass, I am required to be diligent, be a person of integrity and seek the Lord’s direction and favor. But often I put my “toe across the line” and try to do things that only Jesus can do, such as, touch the heart’s of people. In that rain swept entrance, I repented of my pride and sin.

I Will: I want to give you a home work assignment. I’ve recently been reading through the book of Jeremiah, and on the heels of my experience in the storm, I began to underline the times that the Lord said, “I will.” It’s amazing. Sometimes He says it a half dozen times on just one page. Sometimes the Lord warns nations that He going to whack them for their disobedience; other times he promises a blessing. And He alone can bring what He has said to pass. Our homework assignment: underline it in your Bible, every time the Lord says, “I will”, to remind yourself just how capable God is to do what He wants to do.

Dallas: Monday and Tuesday headed to Dallas (where it’s a cool 98o today) to spend time with two great brothers: Gunnar Johnson, the president of Christian Stewardship Network, and Brad Jack, the key person for Compass in Dallas/Ft. Worth, who has been leading our Money and Marriage God’s Way small group study. Please pray for a safe trip and productive time.

Small Group Studies: Speaking of small group studies: This is the most common time of year that people prepare to lead Compass small group studies. Money and Marriage God’s Way is a very helpful 6 week study and Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is a superb 9 week study. Check out to learn more. If you’d like to facilitate one, you can do so by simply attending one of our 2 hour Facilitator Training Webinars that are conducted several times each week.

May the Lord bless you in a very special way this coming week.

Warmly in Christ,
Howard Dayton


Howard Dayton is the Founder and CEO, Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Howard, please click HERE.

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New Studies are Here!

This is the week our team has been patiently anticipating for many months! On June 10th we will have two new small group studies- Navigating Your Finances God’s Way and Money and Marriage God’s Way available on our website. Howard and our team have spent the past year working on and developing these life-changing studies. Here is a preview of what you can expect:


$35 for a single set and $45 for a couples set

This nine week small group study teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. It will provide the practical applications of handling finances, and really gets to the heart of the matter.

Topics include:

  • God’s Part & Our Part
  • Debt, Honesty & Counsel
  • Generosity
  • Work
  • Saving & Investing
  • Crisis & Perspective
  • Eternity

Features of study:

Practical budgeting tools can be accessed in the workbook as well as electronically and on-line.

  • Budgeting options:
    • Traditional hardcopy
    • Electronic spreadsheets
    • Money Lounge – an online budgeting tool which utilizes and Smartphone applications
  • Downloadable audio notes
  • Online financial calculators and dictionary
  • Online facilitator training and tools

A free copy of Howard Dayton’s book, Your Money Counts is included with the study.


$25 for a single set and $35 for a couples set

Financial stress can devastate a marriage. But there is a better way — God’s way! This six week small group study will show you how to discover God’s approach to managing your finances and strengthening your marital relationship.

Topics include:

  • Building a healthy marriage
  • Giving, saving, debt and investment decisions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Setting goals
  • Dealing with crisis
  • Improving communication in your marriage

Whether you’re engaged, newly married, or empty-nesters you can benefit from this study. A free copy of Howard Dayton’s book, Your Money Counts is included with the study

We look forward to how the Lord will use the studies to impact people’s lives and draw them closer to Him! These studies can also be ordered by phone by calling 407-331-6000.

God Bless, Kyle


Kyle Hasbrouck is the Vice President of Compass – finances God’s way. For more information about Kyle, please click HERE

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Studies, Maps & Garage Sales

Dear Friends,

Enjoyed a productive week . . . well, some of it was productive—

Compass materials: Finished the recording of the Money and Marriage God’s Way small group study Notes. These Notes and the ones for Navigating Your Finances God’s Way will be on the web site and downloadable free for those participating in these small group studies. We hope to have these ready to go by the end of the month.

Been working on improving the Compass money map and are in the final stages of this project. Very excited about having this available to give people a clear step-by-step process of handling money God’s way.

Garage sale: Some people are garage sale people and others are not. Our neighborhood held its annual garage sale on Saturday. We didn’t have much to sell and sold a whopping $15 worth! That’s the good news . . . we bought $45 of stuff! At lease we paid pennies on the dollar. Bev reminded me that garage sales are just not my spiritual gift.

Coming up: Will be signing agreement with the American Bible Society on Wednesday for their publication of a Financial Bible using the 2,350 verses in the Bible dealing with money and possessions. The Financial Bible will also be formatted electronically for use over the Internet with a search component. American Bible Society has been in existence for more than 190 years, and been used by the Lord to distribute the Word of God around the world.

94 and counting: My siblings and I (and our spouses) will be spending three days with my 94 year old mom starting the 23rd. We are praying for a terrific time with her and would appreciate your prayers as well. She has a heart condition that makes her breathing very difficult.

Great book to recommend to you. I’m reading it for the third time within a year. It’s Trusting God by Jerry Bridges published by NavPress. Terrific book dealing with the part that God plays when we are experiencing a crisis. Encouraging and loaded with the truth of God’s Word!

Warmly in Christ,