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We finally heard the words we and many others have been praying for: It’s in remission!

More than a year ago, we discovered that Bev’s breast cancer had spread, and that my dear wife had stage four cancer of her bones. Today we learned that her blood markers were normal . . . and according to her blood work, the cancer, only by God’s grace, was in remission. She will have a bone scan scheduled soon to confirm the blood work.

Bev and I find it impossible to adequately thank you who have been praying for her healing. But we’d like to try: THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

The medical protocol is for Bev to continue to take this medication and the doctor will test her blood each month. If the drugs become no longer effective, they would prescribe another one.

We remain fully trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ is our healer. Although we are thankful for the medication, we are ultimately placing our faith in His ability to heal.

As I’ve mentioned before, when Larry Burkett was in the middle of his fight with cancer, he was fond of saying, “If I could, I would give every follower of Christ a terminal disease and then put it in remission because it changes everything.” It has for us. We are much more careful to spend my time, money and influence on eternally important things . . . things that will last forever . . . people.

Come to think of it, we already have a terminal disease! We’ll live until we are 65, 75, 85 or whatever age the Lord calls us home. So, let’s be about making a difference for Christ in the lives of people.

Gratefully in Christ,
Howard Dayton

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Bev – Cancer Update

Dear Friends,

The past week has been among the happiest of my life! For the past five months, my wife, Bev has battled breast cancer that spread to her bones. Bev has experienced excruciating pain almost every day . . . until last week.

The pain in her ribs, hip, and back had been diminishing, but her knee then flared up, and she could not walk unaided. An MRI determined that it was not cancer, but a torn meniscus – thank our Lord! Last week we went to an orthopedic surgeon to have him examine the MRI and schedule surgery.

When Larry Burkett was fighting his renal cell cancer, he used to tell me, “Howard, there’s a big difference between doctors who were at the top of their medical school class and those at the bottom of their class. Get a smart one. The Lord did just that by bringing us, Dr. Mintzer, who works on million dollar knees as the orthopedic physician for the Orlando Magic basketball team. He took one look at Bev and told her she didn’t need surgery and that he didn’t need the money from the surgery.

She left with one quick shot to the knee, and Continue reading Bev – Cancer Update