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Preparing for Christmas

Dear Friends,

For the first couple of weeks after my wife, Bev, started her new and more powerful medication to treat her bone cancer, she had practically no side effects. All that changed last week. She broke out in a rash that is irritating. She vacillates between hot flashes and cold flashes. And I am writing this blog from the hospital where Bev is undergoing a sonogram to determine if she has a blood clot in her ankle.

News Flash: We just learned that she does not have a blood clot – thank our Lord!

We remain deeply grateful for your prayers for her healing. The Lord is completely able to completely heal her of cancer.

This is my favorite time of the year.

It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Times with family and friends are precious. However, many around us have tried to take Christ out of Continue reading Preparing for Christmas

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Put Christ in Christmas

Dear Friends,

This weekend I talked with Jess, a close friend. He was discouraged because when he and his wife celebrated Christmas early the night before, they forgot something.

No, they didn’t forget to prepare a great meal for their children and grandchildren. And they didn’t forget to turn the television off so they could enjoy undistracted conversation among the generations. And they didn’t neglect to exchange thoughtful gifts with one another.

What they forgot was to make Jesus Christ the center of their time together. Jess realized that this year they had missed a priceless opportunity to start the family tradition of elevating the reason for Christmas—the birth of Jesus Christ—Emanuel—God with us.

Jess told me that he couldn’t sleep the night after as he thought of the squandered opportunity and how different it was going to Continue reading Put Christ in Christmas