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Dave Ramsey, Host of Dave Ramsey Radio


Dave Ramsey presenting Howard Dayton with the Larry Burkett Award



Pastor Joel Hunter, Northland Church

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Marilyn JohnsonMarilyn Johnson

“As a Small Group Facilitator, I felt led to reach out to the communities that were under served and in need, so I went knocking on the door of the local City Rescue Mission. I was welcomed with a cheerful and friendly smile. They were very receptive to having a biblical financial stewardship class there.

On the first day of class I noticed the expressions of hopelessness and doubt on the faces of the students, yet it was wonderful to see that by the time we completed the class, those expressions of hopelessness and doubt turned into hope, confidence, and joy.

It is now going on four years that I have been volunteering at the City Rescue Mission and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to transform lives through His word on finances and possessions.”


RichRich and Shelly Ahlquist

“Being part of a Compass Small Group has helped me define and share how Christ has made a difference in my life. By “define” I mean “express” my faith. I’ve always tried to make everything, (including my belief in Christ!) fit into a precise equation. My Compass Small Group helped me realize that belief cannot be forced into a mathematical formula! Compass has truly helped me tap into the miracle and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Secondly, “share” is something that can only be done in a small group. Other Small Groups have come close, but Compass is the only Small Group that helped me realize the importance of sharing God’s love and principles. Not only did I think it important to share God’s love and principles, and not only did I think I “should” share His love and principles; but the Compass Small Group Study made me “WANT” to share His love and principles!

I’m so excited about defining and sharing how Christ has made a difference in my life, that my wife and I are now facilitating a Compass Small Group Study at our church. It is amazing, and so exciting to see what God has in store for us!”