Tools For Your Journey

Tools for Your Journey

From making your first spending plan to making Financial Disciples, these tools and resources will help you learn, apply, and multiply what God says about money and possessions.

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Study Tools

“Do you remember that awesome worksheet we used in the Compass study? The moment I saw it I know it was going to change my life… but now I can’t find it. Do you remember where that was?”

We hear that a lot, so we’ve collected all of our study tools for Participants and Leaders in one convenient place. Enjoy!

Make a Plan and Track Your Progress

A lifelong journey starts with a good plan. While James 4:13-15 tells us that our plans should always be a reflection of, and subject to, God’s will, Proverbs 21:5 tells us that we absolutely SHOULD make plans. These budgeting and tracking tools help you make an intentional plan, track your progress, and reach your financial goals.


Plan and track from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Plan and track with our convenient Excel and Fillable PDF tools.

Pencil and Paper

Plan and track with this printable tool.

Credit Payment Calculator

Look to the Future

Whether you’re making your first plan or just a few adjustments, it’s helpful to see the potential impact certain decisions can have on your Financial Discipleship Journey. Our Calculators help you look toward the future to see what you can do now, to get you ready for then.


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