Video Translator

Compass Video Translator

Reports to: Maverick Martin, Director of Technology

Status: Volunteer


Position Summary

We make all of our videos available to the public at no cost. The first step to translating our videos to another language is to transcribe the spoken word into English text. Once transcribed, the videos may be translated into any language.

We use a simple, user-friendly, web-based system that allows you to select a video from a list of  and work on that project to completion.


This is a role where you can use your unique gifts and talents to further the global ministry reach. This could include but is not limited to:

-Transcribing spoken English to English text

-Translating spoken English to another language in text format

-Translating a spoken language to English text


-Knowledge of the English language

-Able to transcribe words from spoken language using a computer with internet access

-Able to stay on task

-Teachable and able to work with a team leader.

See the process in action: Tutorial videos


Contact us if you are interested in this position!

As a Compass Video Translator, you should never use your affiliation with Compass- finances God’s way to promote or influence the sale of any investments or financial services or professional services. Compass- finances God’s way does not endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments. No one may use their affiliation with Compass to promote or influence the sale of any financial products or services. Compass- finances God’s way does not give specific investment advice.