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Compass Online Webinars are a great way  to learn the joys of financial faithfulness from the comfort of your home or any place you can access a live stream from an Internet connection. Interact and fellowship with others while learning how to apply God’s Word on your individual financial journey. All that is required is a device with Internet access and approximately 90 minutes of your time. Sign up for as many of the Webinars that apply to your financial season of life.

Below are brief descriptions of the Webinars. For dates of the Webinars view the scrollable banners above or scroll through the calendar on the right. Clicking on the “Register Now” link will provide additional information about individual webinars and allow you to sign up to attend.

These Webinars are also available to be presented in person or as private webinars for your church, small group, or Sunday School class. Please contact for more information.

God’s Part – Our Part Webinar

This Webinar explores a biblical worldview of wealth and money. We discover God’s view on debt, spending, saving, giving, planning, and counsel that provide a biblical foundation for our financial journey.

This Webinar should be taken by everyone that is committed to following God’s principles in all areas of their lives including finances.

Goals and Plans Webinar

This Webinar presents an easy to follow step-by-step plan (Money Map) which takes you through setting up goals and seven destinations on your financial journey. One of the plans we will look at is developing a Spending Plan (Budget) which is vital in completing your financial journey.

This Webinar is designed for all stages on your financial journey and is an opportunity to see first-hand how to apply God’s principles in handling your money.

Preparing Your Treasures for Eternity Webinar

This Webinar is designed to help in the organization of financial matters both from an earthly and eternal perspective. We will discuss attitudes towards our possessions, loved ones, as well as financial decisions for leaving a legacy. On the practical side we will discuss preparation and organization of important documents such as wills, insurances policies and other legal agreements that will affect those who remain in this life after our home going.

This Webinar is designed for those in the mid to second half of their financial journey in life who desire to develop a biblical perspective on handling material possessions.

Retirement Webinar

This Webinar looks at the retirement destination on your financial journey and defines it from a biblical perspective. We will look at the different stages of life and retirement and discuss some of the issues surrounding income, spending, debts and even scams you will face now and in retirement. We also discuss estate and legacy planning for those that will be left behind after our home-going.

Whether you are in your 20’s and the beginning of your earning years, Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomer near retirement, or actually retired, this webinar will be of great value in understanding and preparing for finishing well.

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